Well, this is awkward. Last week, I announced my departure from this weekly feature, and stated that a new host would be stepping up to take my place. As it turns out, I will continue to be your host until someone on the Zelda Informer staff decides they would like to replace me. That has yet to happen, and I do not want to see the Fan Art Showdown come to a halt; you guys are stuck with me for a while longer!

I am also very pleased to announce last week’s winner of the Fan Art Showdown. This artist competed in three Fan Art Showdowns, and has finally emerged victorious. Third time’s the charm, as they say. Who am I talking about? A well-known member of our very own Zelda Informer community, Monkee “THE GORP” Goro!

Monkee’s submission won by 80%, a landslide win of which I have never witnessed before on the Showdown. Way to break records, Gorp!

Without further adieu, I will go over the revised rules and announce this week’s batch of fan art.

If you’re thinking of sending in some fan art of your own to compete in our showdown, you can send an email to fanartshowdown.zeldainformer@gmail.com.

  • Submissions must not contain anything that would be considered over PG13. This includes images that contain sexual or graphic content, as well as swearing.
  • When sending your submission in, please, for the love of all that is good and holy, give it a title. It needs a title, or it will be ignored.
  • Sending more than one submission is fine, but please tell me which image you want to be entered first. If I decide to use your other submissions in a future installment, I will contact you.
  • Please do not bad-mouth others’ work in the comments. If you have some constructive criticism, please present it in a non-hateful way.

Deity of Hyrule

This submission, courtesy of an artist named Skilar, depicts the Fierce Deity from Majora’s Mask. I particularly like the art style that Skilar has chosen, and how clean looking this piece appears.

Sorceress Sisters

This piece of artwork was submitted by an artist who goes by the name of KMS, and you can find her other work on DeviantART under the name ksmanga01. You may remember her submission in Fan Art Showdown #9, where she won the majority of votes. Let’s see how her lovely work fares this time!


That concludes this installment of the Showdown! If I had to take a guess, I’ll still be your host next week, so vote honestly and think through your decision. Thank you for your continued support of this Weekly Feature, and I’ll see you in the next Fan Art Showdown.

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