Edit: The poll has been fixed. If you participated already, please vote again to have your entry recorded!

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Fan Art Showdown. Today, I have some news that you may or may not care about. I will be stepping down as host of this weekly feature, and will be passing the torch on to another member of the Zelda Informer staff. The Fan Art Showdown was a fun little project when I started it, and I am very pleased to have seen it grow and gain more attention among you, the fans. I’m glad that I have been able to run it so far.

Without further ado, here is the winner of the last showdown.

Last week’s submission, titled Wolf Link at Night, won by many, many votes. Its art style was described as, “simplicity done right.”

If you’re thinking of sending in some fan art of your own to compete in our showdown, you can send an email to

fanartshowdown.zeldainformer@gmail.com. Before you send in some fan art of your own, be sure to read the list of updated rules:

  1. Submissions must not contain anything that would be considered over PG13. This includes images that contain sexual or graphic content, as well as swearing.
  2. When you send your submission in, please, for the love of all that is good and holy, give it a title. It needs a title, or it will be ignored.
  3. Sending more than one submission is fine, but please tell me which image you want to be entered first. If I decide to use your other submissions in a future installment, I will contact you.
  4. Please do not bad-mouth others’ work in the comments. If you have some constructive criticism, please present it in a non-hateful way.

Let’s move on to this week’s contestants:

Mah Mask

Member of the BS Brigade and faithful resident of the Zelda Informer fan community, give it up for returning contestant monkee-goro!

Monkee’s last two submissions lost, but not by much. Perhaps this colorful piece of fan art will finally push monkee into the winners circle?

Twilit Companion

This particular submission, designed by an artist by the name of Gracie, contains her rendition of Midna from

Twilight Princess.


Those are our two very well-drawn submissions we have for this week. Please vote honestly, and think about your decision. This is normally where I would say, “see you in the next Fan Art Showdown,” but this very well could be my last one. Instead, I have a one request: be nice to the next host. Thank you all so much for 11 great Fan Art Showdowns!

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