After nearly eighteen months of work, the Hyrule Redrawn project has finished. Organized by artist IllusionOfMana, the massive collaboration features art by dozens of artists who worked square by square to re-imagine the overworld from the classic NES game, The Legend of Zelda. For the past year, artists have revealed their individual work through social media with the hashtag “#HyruleRedrawn”; now the map can be explored in its entirety.


The overworld from the original Zelda captured imaginations for an entire generation of gamers. While inspiration remains, the 1980s graphics have aged. While some will always enjoy the pixilated art from that era (arguably a timeless style), the overworld map created by the artists of Hyrule Redrawn is spectacular and remains faithful to the spirit of the game and era.

To see the full map, click here.

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Source: @vvvultures

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