The ending of Link’s Awakening is one that can leave an emotional impact on anybody who has traversed Koholint Island. Of course, then there’s also the secret ending that can be unlocked by surviving the game and never running out of hearts. This ending is almost the exact same, except for a shot of a seagull flying away and then an image of Marin appearing in the clouds.

In a recent video over on YouTube, animator Benek shared a comedic version of this perfect ending. Beginning with Link’s fight with the Nightmare (in Ganon form), the hero defeats the final boss, then dies climbing the stairs, only to be pasted back in to wake the infamous Wind Fish. He awakens on his raft, comments that it was all a dream, and is then crushed by a gigantic whale.

My favorite part of the video was probably the menu screen that Link — er, I mean THIEF — pulls up at one point. All the items and such have been replaced by random images including Captain America’s Shield, a Hello Kitty wallet, and even what appears to be nuclear warheads. Another great moment comes only a few seconds later, when he also pulls out the classic NES Zapper to shoot the owl, Duck Hunt style.

What did you think of this humorous take on the Link’s Awakening secret ending? Did any parts stand out for you? Let us know in the comments below or chat about it over in our Discord!

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