Pop culture and animation YouTube channel Mashed have rendered two sweet cartoon theme song animations starring Zelda and Link.

The first, “Zilda,” is a take on the opening for Netflix’s Hilda, which made a splash on debut with its theme song penned by indie pop star Grimes. Fans of Hilda may even note that the show shares some adventuring DNA with The Legend of Zelda. The second portion of the video takes on the iconic theme song for Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears, dubbed “We Link Links.” Tri Force Heroes¬†fans, take notice!

Both clips pay lovely tribute to the worlds of Zelda and the respective shows. I got a little thrill at all the different references on display! Their visual Cal Arts style is on point. And Mashed did a great job combining the music of all three sources.

With blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos from a Lost Woods Korok, Link’s Crossbow Training, and my main cap Ezlo, this video is well worth repeat viewing. They even link the two clips with a clever “Coming Up Next” interstitial.

Which Zelda game references did you catch? And tell us if you’re a fan of Hilda or We Bare Bears below in the comments.

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