When it comes to the modding community for Breath of the Wild, it’s less “what they added,” and more “what haven’t they added yet”. There have been so many additions to the game via mods, from a playable Samus Aran, a first-person mode, and even a reconstruction of Lon Lon Ranch. One recent mod that was created by HailToDodongo has let players create their own Shrines and maps. So far be it from me to think that anybody would take that idea and run with it; or in this case, race with it.

Waikuteru has taken it upon themselves to add the entire Luigi Circuit track from Mario Kart Wii into Breath of the Wild as part of a new minigame. After you reach the track (from the top of Akkala Tower), you must accept the challenge from the Hylian Knight to get started. From there you’re off to the races; you will have to use your Master Cycle Zero to venture around a more dangerous and deadly version of this classic Mario Kart track.

The track features many perilous hurdles, including rolling boulders, giant ChuChu Jelly’s, explosions, flames shooting out of the ground, spiked traps, and much more. Of course, you will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts, plus there’s the additional challenge of beating Waikuteru’s best time. The entire track itself took Waikuteru over 100 hours to complete, and it looks to be well worth the effort put in.

The mod is currently available to download from its official GameBanana page.

What do you think of this mod? Will you be trying it out for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GameBanana (via NintendoLife)

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