A few days ago we got some amazing Famitsu scans about Hyrule Warriors and some of the game most important topics. We posted a short preview, but its important to point out that a part of this info is also shown in the Hyrule Warriors Japanese Website, so we already had some of it translated. The following details expand a little more on what we already knew about new stages, characters, and gameplay; check them out for yourself:


Following the introduction of new characters, it was clear that it was important to give a twist to the scenarios in Hyrule Warriors. Although the three stages introduced here are related to different Links, the atmosphere of The Legend of Zelda remains the same. As an example, in the Gerudo Desert, you’ll think a lot about Twilight Princess. In addition, the Temple of the Sacred Sword is nearly the spitting image of the Lost Woods from A Link to the Past.

  • The Gerudo Desert is a sterile vast land located in Death Valley, at the far east of the Hyrule Kingdom. This place is the home of the Demon King Ganondorf who wants a dark world. He summons Ghirahim and Zant, and manipulates their souls, which are filled with evilness. Are Ganondorf and Cia working together, or is she simply a marionette?
  • The Temple of the Sacred Sword is located in the west end of Hyrule, in an abandoned city where prosperity reigned once, but became an empty place due to many fights. There’s no sign of life in this ruins, the only thing left is the shrine that holds the Sacred Sword that only the Hero of Time can wield.
  • There is a path in Hyrule that leads to a strange place where time itself collapses and nothing makes sense. You’ll be immersed in The Palace of the Mind, whose owner is unknown. In there, statues and roses live together, walls and halls turn around without meaning, and mystery is the only thing that seems to be perfect.


  • Sheik and Impa head to the Ocarina of Time world and end up in the Water Temple, where they encounter a fake Princess Zelda.
  • Midna loses her original form because of Cia’s witchery and begins to look for her to gain her true body back.
  • Lana goes into the world of Twilight Princess and encounters Agitha. After fighting with some enemies, the two end up working together.
  • Players can choose to which world they want to go first.

Sealed Weapons

  • By controlling specific attacks in different areas, a treasure chest that contains a Sealed Weapon will appear.
  • These are objects with unique properties that enhance other weapons, for example: at the beginning Link will use his Knight Sword, but if he finds a sealed weapon, he may be able to unlock the White Sword, which is more powerful than the first one.
  • Another scenario would be Impa’s naginata; its manipulation can also be upgraded with the use of a Sealed Weapon.

Adventure Mode

  • In this mode, characters will advance into the map from the original title: The Legend of Zelda.
  • Tasks may require you to defeat a bunch of enemies in a certain amount of time, or investigate and search for hidden areas.
  • The purpose of this new way to play is collect interesting items, unlock weapons, keys, and playable characters.
  • Warriors and enemies can appear in the map, so players will have to hurry up with their missions!

Other Details

  • The number of potions in the store will increase depending on how many Gold Skulltulas you collect through the game; apparently there will be a map that will show them up.
  • Special attacks can be performed with a combination of X and Y buttons.
  • The Fire Rod is one of the most useful items in the game.
  • According to the magazine, Manhandla will be one of the toughest enemies.

Only two days away from the Hyrule Warriors release in Japan, and we’re still getting news about it. With all these spoilers, I wonder: what else should we expect from this game?

Source: Famitsu

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