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coverThe launch of Tri Force Heroes is just days away, and many of us have now had a chance to try our hand at the upcoming title in this past weekends demo event. But that only gave us a snippet of what the game will actually be like! In last weeks Famitsu magazine, four different writers shared their thoughts and impressions of the game, as well as their overall review scores of 9,9,8, and 8. Some of them where fascinated by the “totem” mechanic and what impact it had on gameplay and puzzle solving, while another felt that the item collection for creating new costumes was a great way to keep you playing the game.

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The following are the translated reviews from Famitsu magazine:

Reviewer 1 – 9
Tri Force Heroes utilizes the gimmick of requiring simultaneous play with three people. One of these is the “totem” feature, which has you piggybacking with your teammates to solve new kinds of puzzles and mysteries from a new height, and there are some where all members need to split up individually to accomplish the task. It really does a great job complimenting cooperative play, and it’s also great to share a measure of mutual understanding with the icons on the bottom screen. In single-player, time and effort are high because switching between Links is so frequent, but it’s still fun nonetheless and I enjoy solving these unique puzzles!
Reviewer 2 – 9
In solo play, using your imitations to advance while switching to the corresponding character is a wonderful gimmick to solve puzzles in cooperation with three. It’s a great idea using the totem to solve puzzles at different heights depending on the necessity. And by each player/Link having different items, corresponding to collect items, solve puzzles, and defeat bosses is good. Collecting items at the end of quests are used to help make and unlock new outfits, which is a fun feature to keep you playing.
Reviewer 3 – 8
In solo play or multiplayer, there is joy in solving puzzles with three people, and you have to use your head in different ways than you are used to in different games, which makes for a fun puzzle game. While the idea of the totem is unique, there is a sense of deva vu to a lot of the stages, and it is seems like it is just hammering the idea of a Zelda-likeness. The game offers many modes, and local play, Download Play, and Internet play all correspond greatly.
Reviewer 4 – 8
When playing, you really do want participating players to have a knowledge of Zelda and be skilled and experienced around the same level as you, so when you work through, solve puzzles, and clear an area together, that sense of accomplishment is the best part of this game. It leads in utilizing a variety of social features, but it should also be noted that for those who want to play solo, the mode stands out and can help express the playstyle to help make the adjustment easier for those having difficulty. And it looks great, which is a bonus.

What are your thoughts? Where you able to have a chance to play the demo from this last weekend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Everything


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