The Legend of Zelda can be considered a modern fairy tale, recounting timeless stories of adventure by an archetypal hero. So, it’s not hard to believe that YouTube channel DailyYou recently wrote their own Zelda fairy tale for their Fairy Tale Friday comedy series. The video’s Zelda tale may not be completely accurate to the series’ canon, but it does offer plenty of quips and wisecracks that Zelda fans will appreciate.

Every Friday, Fairy Tale Friday host Chloe recounts a classic fairy tale in a fun, joke-laden, and maybe-not-so-accurate way. The Legend of Zelda was the most recent fairy tale to be featured and there was no shortage of laughs at the series’ expense. I won’t spoil too much, but I’ll say that Chole’s story will help you see the ridiculousness of Ganondorf’s upbringing and Princess Zelda’s rule.

Be sure to head over to DailyYou’s channel if you want to see more.

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