Fact or Fiction in Zelda

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Welcome to the latest article series here at Zelda Informer where you, the fans and viewers, get to call the shots. We want to tackle your tough questions and topics in a way that only Zelda Informer (or possibly Myth Busters) can.

So how does this work? We want our fans and viewers to send in topics. Heard a rumor and want to know if it’s true or not? Want to know if a theory has any merit? Curious about an Easter egg? Post about it here, and one of our staff members will research it, investigate the facts, and write an article with our own little spin on it, doing our best to answer once and for all the question: Fact or fiction?

The focus of this series is on Zelda, but given that we like to branch out to other games as well, feel free to send in topics about other Nintendo franchises, like Metroid or Mario. Zelda topics get priority, but the more topics we get, the better, and we’ll tackle anything you send our way.

If you’ve got a topic you’d like to submit, we’ve set up this thread on our forums for just that purpose. Feel free to leave topics here in this post as well, although they’ve got a better chance of getting noticed in their designated thread.

So what’s got you scratching your head? You give us the topics, and we’ll give you the answers.

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