Several months back I created a Facebook page for Zelda Dungeon, and over the last few months, I’ve sparingly updated the page with the latest happenings of Zelda Dungeon. In the last few days I’ve advertised the Facebook page a bit at our Forums and at our Youtube page, and this has caused an increased in followers at Facebook. Over the next several weeks I will be experimenting with more updates to try to increase the Zelda Dungeon fan base outside of the actual Zelda Dungeon. So why not head over to Facebook and ‘become a fan’ of Zelda Dungeon. We’d appreciate the support.

Zelda Dungeon at Facebook

In some community related news, our friends at Legend of Zelda.com have launched a brand new layout just a few days ago. I think it is a big improvement over their previous blue layout and it is something you should definitely check out.

Also, long time Zelda website Ganon’s Tower has brought back their website. As it looks now, the site seems to be online for archival purposes, but it is nice to see them online yet again.

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