Eyes in the Zelda Series

Hey there guys! Well it’s been a while since I’ve done a non-mailbag discussion video, hasn’t it? Well I’ve finally done another one, for real! Haha. So the topic of this one is Eyes in the Zelda Series (well you can see that from the title, of course). What does that mean, though? Well I’ll explain in the video of course, but basically there’s an alarming amount of eyes and eyeballs in the Zelda series. You really notice it once you’re paying attention. That’s what this video’s about basically. Pointing out all the strange eyes and such and talking about if it means anything. I hope you guys enjoy!

The article I mention in the video is The Dark Tribe: Ancient Enemy of Zelda and Skyward Sword, and while the article is mainly about something else entirely, the stuff with eyes is a major aspect of it as well, so it’s somewhat relevant.

But how about you guys? Have you noticed how many eye symbols and creatures there are in the Zelda series? Do you have any opinion on it, like any ideas on what, if anything, it could mean? Think I’m an idiot for making this video? Tell me in the comments!

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