IMG_3065 In a recent Tri Force Heroes gameplay video, IGN explored the game’s fashion capital and each of its lovely shops. The video starts off in the castle at the heart of Hytopia, in the room where the dopples remain when not in use, and the town tour begins with Madame Couture’s shop where the IGN player orders a Zora Costume. The tour then proceeds to the Photo Bro shop which is essentially a Miiverse portal. And on to the Daily Riches shop that players can visit once a day to choose one of four treasure chests in the hopes of opening the one that contains rare material. An open-air Item Shop that sells basic as well as rare materials is also briefly visited. To check out the chic town of Hytopia for yourself; watch the video after the jump!

Hytopia seems like a very pleasant and productive place for players to spend their downtime in Tri Force Heroes; got to love that gorgeous fountain in the middle of town, too.

To recap some of the tidbits of information shared in the video: Only the hero in green can leave the castle. Instead of going straight through Madame Couture, players can order clothes through her assistant and pick them up after finishing a level. Photo Bro’s must be visited in order to receive a camera, edit albums, post to Miiverse through the game, or redirect to Miiverse. One treasure chest at the Daily Riches is always empty. And the inventory at the Item Shop changes from time to time.

As the release date gets closer and closer, the excitement continues to build. I for one am getting really stoked to play with friends (and even with the dopples it looks rather fun), are any of you really looking forward to that October 23rd release? Think you’ll ever just take a stroll through Hytopia to relieve hero-related stress? Are you getting psyched to put Link in a dress? Let us know in the comments!

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