Zelda II: The Adventure of Link seems to be one of those Zelda games that you either appreciate or shudder at the memory of. Whether you love it or hate it, though, the title is nostalgic for many. Recently, Melora over at History of Hyrule restored the Nintendo Power Issue 04 poster insert showing off Zelda II’s map of Hyrule.

Available for viewing over on the Internet Archive and Melora’s Flickr profile, the restored map has been uploaded in high resolution, with the original text and extra graphics removed in one version for a crisp look at the game’s world. You can also see the restored map with original text and graphics here.

History of Hyrule’s Melora has been a Zelda archivist and campaigner for more than 20 years. She especially works with retro and rare official art, books, and manga, and only archives works that have been out-of-print for decades. In addition to a collection of maps, Melora has archived a wide variety of Zelda manga, doujinshi (fan-created or self-published print works), magazines, and official art, and keeps them available for fans to view as long as they’re not officially re-released by Nintendo or other original publishers.

I love how the colors pop in this restored Zelda II map of Hyrule. I would have loved to have this on hand to appreciate the landscape and geographical connections as I played through the game again most recently. It’s amazing that due to History of Hyrule’s work, folks can appreciate official pieces of Nintendo art they’d likely otherwise never see.


If you’re interested in seeing more rare and out-of-print Zelda publications, check out the History of Hyrule website and Melora’s tribute collection on Flickr. Want to follow History of Hyrule for the newest archiving updates? Check out Melora’s social links here, and make sure to follow the History of Hyrule blog.

What do you think of this high-resolution restoration of Nintendo Power‘s Issue 04 Zelda II poster map? Does it stir up any memories of playing the game for you? What other maps or illustrations would you like to see restored? Let us know down below in the comments!

Source: History of Hyrule

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