If you thought you had seen the limits to which fans are willing to push their love for The Legend of Zelda, with masterpieces such as the recreation of Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule on Minecraft, you are in for a surprise. Ubiquitron, from VirtualReality.io, has developed a 3D, virtual reality version of the first installment of the franchise in which you can explore the world through the eyes of Link. All of Hyrule remains the same, the enemies act the same way, and the dungeons are perfectly recreated. The only difference is you now experience the whole game in a more immersive way. The results are astounding.

Be aware that it’s only a beta that allows you to explore the overworld and the first dungeon. For the whole thing, you’ll have to wait until March 2014—which is not such a long time! To download this game or check for updates, you can click here.

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