Zelda equipment is some of the most interest and exciting parts of a Zelda adventure. Whenever I received equipment in any Zelda game, I would always be excited to try it out and see how it’s applied. But something that really intrigues me and many others is the equipment lineup for the Wii U. The lineup is something that many look at before they buy a game in the Zelda series. Today, I will describe some expected, wanted, and even unwanted items equipment for the New Zelda game for the Wii U (any items not mentioned are not definite on my terms).

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Expected Items:

Master Sword – Need I explain? I just hope that the Master Sword comes later in the game, similar to Ocarina of Time.

Hylian Shield – Another item that is obviously not coming out of the list. I just hope it comes earlier in the game, unlike Skyward Sword. I did like the boss fight idea to get the shields though.

Bow and Arrow – This is one of the most common and useful items in the Zelda series. This is a very basic piece of equipment that cannot be taken from Zelda. This is one of the only items that has been in every Zelda game. I dub it highly unlikely that Nintendo will remove this item from Zelda Wii U.

Bombs – This another very common item in the series because it gets very annoying after having to pick up a bomb flower a hundred times before actually achieving your goal of simply blowing up a rock. Also, this item has been in every title in the series and I again don’t believe that the bombs will be going anytime soon.

Bottles – A Zelda game is never complete unless there is a bottle that you can fill with just about anything, whether it’s potion, bugs, fairies, or the deku scrub princess (Majora’s Mask). Your quest solely relies on 3 things – sword, shield, and bottle. If the bottle was never created, many people would see the game over screen multiple times. Bottles will not leave the series for a while.

Multiple Wallets – Some people do not like the idea of having to do multiple quests to get better wallets or getting an silver rupee (100) and not having enough room in their wallet to fit it. I find this the quests to be fun, instead of having the best wallet in the beginning of the game. These wallets encourage you to do something else other than the main quest of the game. Plus wherever there is a new wallet, there is a rupee reward with it. I really hope that Nintendo continues the trend of multiple, better wallets

Clawshot – The clawshot is a very useful item in the Zelda series that gets you from one place to another within a few seconds. Zelda games would be impossible without this item and even if the clawshot was never in a Zelda game, the games would take a lot longer. I do not think this will be leaving the series either.

Wanted Items:

Biggoron Sword – This was a great quest from Ocarina of Time and the quest led to a great and very useful item. The biggoron sword is twice as powerful as the master sword and when facing Ganon, you could still use this sword after the master sword is unavailable. Although you cannot keep your shield out while you wield this sword, you will not need the shield for your enemy will be dead in no time. I really hope that this item appears in Zelda Wii U.

Boomerang – This is a very useful item and is used to target multiple enemies at once instead of hitting each and every one individually. I really hope that if the boomerang appears, it is similar to the boomerang in Twilight Princess so that wind can be used to bring items toward you and blow out torches to solve puzzles. The boomerang is a classic but it has not appeared in all titles. The boomerang will most likely make the item list in Zelda Wii U.

Musical Instrument – These have been another classic in Zelda games and are really fun to play. The Ocarina is the most common, but there have been other interesting ones as well, such as the harp and the pan flute. They have been a very interesting part of story plots whether it is used to solve puzzles, travel in time, or teleport. I hope a musical instrument is put into the story plot in Zelda Wii U.

Hook Beetle – This item was first introduced in Skyward Sword and is a very useful item. Even if you’re not using it for grabbing an item, it is very helpful to survey the area and see what’s in store. The way to move it was interesting too and was a really fun item to use and maneuver. I hope this item makes the item list for Zelda Wii U.

Masks – Masks make traveling fun and they give you special abilities that are unavailable in human form. If Zelda Wii U were to contain masks, they don’t have to go crazy like in Majora’s Mask which is solely dedicated to masks. Zelda Wii U could contain some of the transformation masks, which would be really fun to use.

Unwanted Items:

Slingshot – Although this a very common and usually the first item acquired in the Zelda series, it’s not very useful. Sure it’s very useful once you get it. But when you get something better, like the boomerang, it is barely used. The slingshot will most likely appear in the list, but I do not like this item at all.

Fire/Ice Arrows – Fire and Ice arrows are completely useless to the Zelda story plot and do almost the same amount of damage as a regular arrow. Plus, since these arrive so late in the game, they are completely pointless and have no sense in using them.

Bombchus – Bombchus are fun to use, but they aren’t very useful. In Ocarina of Time, the only time you had to use the bombchu was in the spirit temple, but I used a regular bomb and it worked just as good. Although there were some puzzles that absolutely required bombchus, there just wasn’t and abundance of use with them.

Various medals – These collective medals are found in Skyward Sword and have no purpose. The only useful one is the life medal which costs a “small” fee of 800 rupees! The rest of the medals had no real effect on me and although some were free, they still weren’t worth discovering

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