Hyrule Warriors ArtworkLeading up to the game’s release, the Hyrule Warriors website has been receiving updates nearly every weekday with new characters, stages, videos, screenshots, and more. Meanwhile at Zelda Dungeon we’ve been hard at work trying to keep up with all the new information and media. One result of this is our collection of over 200 Hyrule Warriors screenshots and artwork. These screenshots are at the game’s source resolution, larger and more detailed than what you’ll find on the official website. Hit the jump for a few previews.

Of course, these won’t fit in this post so click on them to see them in full resolution.

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot Impa Giant Blade

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot Lana Cube Barrier

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot Link Power Gloves Silver Gauntlets

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot Link Magic Rod

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot Midna

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot Sealed Ground Temple

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot Skyloft

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot The Imprisoned Sealed Ground

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot Valga

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot Zant

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot Zelda Wind Waker

Hyrule Warriors Story Gate of Souls Cia

Hyrule Warriors Artwork Midna Shackle

You can browse the rest, plus videos, in our Hyrule Warriors Files category on the wiki. Or, if you’re just looking for Hyrule Warriors Characters, we have a gallery for that specifically. We’re still working on rendering artwork, and I want to reach out to any experienced image editors to join us in that effort. If image editing isn’t your thing, there’s still a lot of text to be written: character descriptions, stage details, and of course the main Hyrule Warriors page can always be improved. No application is necessary to join the wiki team; just create an account and start editing!

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