The Sheikah Eye has been spotted in Skyward SwordPay attention, theorists: it looks like Skyward Sword‘s going to be much more closely related to Ocarina of Time than any of us thought. Forum user Corvoskk caught sight of an all-too-familiar symbol at a surprising moment in the Skyward Sword trailer: that’s right, it’s the eye of the Sheikah. Now, admittedly, it’s not exactly as it appeared in Ocarina and takes on a much more angular, diamond-shaped appearance this time around, but it’s clearly a modified version of the Eye of the Sheikah. Besides, we know that Ghirahim’s hallmark involves diamond-shaped particles akin to the black squares of the Twili from Twilight Princess.

We’ve speculated before on Ghirahim possibly being a member of the dark tribe that tried to take over the Sacred Realm in Twilight Princess, and more recently we’ve examined the possibility that the Sheikah might be connected to that tribe. Could this be a clue implicating a relationship between all three of these shadow races?

My first impression actually evoked a small detail from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask – the emblems of their respective villains, the Gerudo and Majora’s Mask symbols, respectively, appeared on the various blocks and switches we found throughout the game. In the Sky Temple we saw switches that, when activated, split up into several diamond-shaped gens, exactly like Ghirahim’s calling card. Here we’re seeing something very similar – the Sheikah eye adorns the crystal switch. Bearing that in mind, I think that we may just be seeing that old pattern continue, and the Sheikah eye probably has something to do with this game’s villain(s).

Of course, we also know that Ghirahim isn’t working alone, which suggests that he’s part of a larger group – perhaps even an entire clan. While he doesn’t exactly share the typical red-eyed depiction common among the only true Sheikah we’ve seen so far, I think that it’s definitely within the realm of possibility for there to be a connection. After all, his appearance certainly comes at the right time in Hyrule’s history.

Bongo Bongo, Phantom Shadow Beast - <i>Ocarina of Time 3D</i>” src=“×320-5468.jpg” width=“217” height=“310” class=“mt-image-right” style=“float: right; margin: 20px 0 20px 20px;” /></a>As for a relationship to the Twili, eye symbology is a huge part of their culture, as we can see from the Fused Shadow and Zant’s throne in the Palace of Twilight. Midna, the most human-like of her race, shares the red eyes we’ve seen on other Sheikah such as Impa and Sheik. The Sheikah emblem also appeared on the funeral robe Princess Zelda wore while she was a prisoner in the Twilight, which seemed to protect her from its transformative effects. We can’t forget the relationship between the Shadow Temple and “Hyrule’s bloody history of greed and hatred,” either – a history that would have included the appearance of the Twili. Bongo Bongo, the evil demon sealed in the Bottom of the Well, is also called a “Shadow Beast,” the same name given to the major Twilight enemies, and even has a similar appearance.</p>
<p>Whatever the case, however, it seems clear that the Sheikah <i>will</I> play some role in <i>Skyward Sword</I>. We’ve also already seen Sheik’s harp, although it seems to be an heirloom of Skyloft and likely passes to Zelda through the royal family, not the Sheikah, so we know that they won’t be the only recurring element from <i>Ocarina of Time</I> to get a nod this time. Will we see evidence of the other tribes, like the Gorons, Zoras, and Gerudo? Or will the game’s focus on the shadow gripping the surface world limit the mystery to the enigmatic Shadow Clan? We’ll keep our Lens of Truth at the ready so that we can be all over any new Sheikah-related details that surface in the coming weeks and months.</p>
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