Nintendo dropped a bombshell tonight at The Game Awards, releasing a new trailer for The Champions’ Ballad and announcing that the DLC pack is available tonight. The trailer included glimpses of several new features coming to Breath of the Wild, so we have decided to lay them all out right here.

Here is all the information we know so far:

  • The Champions’ Ballad will include new story content, set before the events of Breath of the Wild.
  • We will see the return of Link, Princess Zelda, King Rhoam, Kass, Sidon, and the four Champions.
  • There will be several new / expanded Shrines, and  a new large dungeon.
  • Horses can now be warped, and we have new Guardian-inspired horse armor.
  • New items: Ravio cap, Zant helmet, Ganondorf outfit, jockey-like outfit, and a wand-like item.
  • The Master Cycle Zero mount will be available at the completion of The Champions’ Ballad.

As stated above, The Champions’ Ballad will be available tonight, if not right now. We will all learn much more about the new adventure soon, so please share your thoughts and discoveries in the comments below!

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