Zelda HD Still Looks GoodWii U specs keep pouring in, and Engadget has the latest on the console’s graphical processing unit (GPU) – it’ll be packing similar heat to what the Xbox 360 and PS3 currently offer in that department – a custom Radeon processor that, while it’s tailored to fit the Wii U’s needs, is remarkably similar to other GPUs floating around this past generation. Still, just because the technology seems familiar doesn’t mean it can’t deliver the best of the best , and its core processors still seem to outperform the other two current gen platforms.

The report also hinted at a little somethin’-somethin’ that could mean something for the possibility of multiple Wii U controller support: the console also has multi-streaming technology that supports up to four different simultaneous standard definition steams. This capability is also pretty familiar to the computer tech-space, and appears to be similar to AMD’s Eyefinity, which helps support multi-display graphical output for computers. Why would Nintendo need up to four different streams from their home game console? For the controller’s built-in screen, I’m guessing.

Source: Engadget

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