Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

The ESRB (or the Entertainment Software Rating Board) announced earlier today via its Facebook page that it has been listening to concerns regarding the constant in-flux of content that can be purchased within a game and what kind of labeling this new area of gaming should have. The ESRB has called this new label “In-Game Purchases,” and it will be present on the boxes of games as well as app stores and will include information on what can be purchased within the game, be it loot boxes, a season pass, or an upgrade to disable ads.

In order to acquaint concerned parents with what their children might be getting up to within a game, the ESRB is also launching a website called “ParentalTools.org,” which will “help raise awareness of helpful tools” that parents can use to better monitor their children’s activity. For full information, see the picture below:

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Source: ESRB (Facebook)

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