Epic Battle Cry is one of my favorite podcast shows on Game Trailers, and I just finished listening to the latest episode which was an E3 primer. While there was plenty of conversation around all the major companies at E3, we’ll focus on what they had to say about Nintendo.

I don’t agree entirely with what they say about Nintendo: One point is that Nintendo never really shocks people, so it’s always hard for them to win E3. Of course, they won it last year by severe popular opinion – and that was with a very poor showing for WMP and Skyward Sword. They are more likely of course to have a E3 2008 then a E3 2004 as that is just Nintendo’s style.

That being said, the big debate is Skyward Sword and how important the game will be for Nintendo, and naturally what we are getting from Wii 2/Project Cafe/Stream/Feel. They bring up the possibility of a dual release for Skyward Sword, and talk about what exactly Nintendo has to do with the Wii 2 to impress at E3. The issue they bring up is that Nintendo doesn’t make games for those at their conference, but I think that is just a bit biased. We’ll be at the conference – so does Nintendo not make games we like? Of course not, and they don’t win E3 by popular opinion because the people at the show didn’t like it.

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