bill-lumbergh-office-space.jpgWe’ve had a long week, and as we head into the weekend one thing has become clear through all of this: We need more staff! Specifically, we need more daily news posters, and naturally a few more editorial writers to throw into the mix. The positions are not paid, but rest assured there are a lot of benefits working with the A Team.

For starters, you get to talk on a daily basis to some of your favorite staff members at the site… and debate with them on various topics. Secondly, this is the type of job you can actually put on a future job application. I’ve used it myself to get a job just last year, and likewise others have as well. It also gives you experience in the journalism realm for anyone looking to make a career out of such things in the future. Experience is always big in that field. Oh, did I mention we give out free milk and cookies? Yeah, you get that too.

Oh, lets not forget about passes to E3 and other conventions as well. Like to review games before release? Yeah, we get those too. Put it this way: Working for this team is like sex, without all the sweating. Of course, we can’t take everyone, so here’s a nice list of requirements to join this squad:

  • Passable Grammar and Spelling
  • Passion for Everything Nintendo
  • Must be Open Minded
  • Must be 13 or Older

So you want to apply? You must if you made it this far. Simply ship an email to with the follow information:

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Experience (no worries, we’ll take on newbs):
  • Why we should hire you:
  • If this job involved calculus, would you cry?
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