Looking back on my time thus far with Breath of the Wild, it’s amazing to think about how diverse the gameplay was during the course of Link’s adventure. From platforming to melee combat, this game offered a very robust experience. There is one segment in particular that I personally found to be an enjoyable change of pace from my Shrine-finding, and that’s the stealth section involving the Yiga Clan. A group of no-good bandits and ne’er-do-wells, the Yiga Clan is essentially the inverse of the storied Sheikah tribe who use their skills for ill rather than good; also they love bananas.

Getting through this portion of the game was a bit much for some players, and many that I’ve spoken to have expressed a fair amount of frustration when we talk about it. YouTube user Tanimations has made light of the subject and given us a fan animation that I think will make even the most staunch hater of the Yiga Clan base segment smile. I love the animation, and Link throwing everything he’s got at his prey while “sneaking up on them” is hilarious. That’s definitely how I reacted when I’d get caught by one of those guys!

If you like what you saw, please be sure to give Tanimations’ YouTube channel a look for some other really great animations!

So what did you think of this animated short? Did you experience any Yiga Clan PTSD? Let us know in the comments below!

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