English Manga Confirmed

It was all speculation until now. Viz Media has confirmed that the manga adaptation for Ocarina of Time will be coming to the states.

If Ocarina sells well in America, then Viz Media stated that they will be releasing other Zelda manga adaptations.

If you have not yet read the Ocarina of Time manga and would like to, then I suggest you do so quickly <a href=“http://www.zeldalegends.net/index.php?n=manga” target=“_blank” >here</a> before they are possibly taken down due to licensing. You can also read many of the other Zelda manga, fully translated at the link provided.

Reading them online is not the same or as enjoyable as reading the book in your hand, so you should all head over to Borders or Barnes and Noble once they are released and pick up a copy so they will release more!

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