maxresdefault (1)Irish conductor Eimear Noone, popular among Zelda fans for her conducting at Symphony of the Goddesses concerts, is planning a new album, called Songs of Zelda: A Link to the Celts‏! Attendees of the recent 2015 Dublin International Game Music Festival got to see the musicians put a traditional celtic spin on the classic adventure music we love so much, and now Ms. Noone wishes to make a full CD in this style! Eimear is very good at her job, so this album is sure to be a hit, if it gets funded.

Hit the jump for a preview video with footage from the festival in Dublin!


Zelda’s 30th anniversary deserves all the attention it can get, so on June 15th, the Kickstarter for A Link to the Celts‏ will be launched. This video was caught on simple cell phones, and it sounds awesome. Imagine the way it would sound professionally recorded! Zelda’s always had amazing sound to it, but this interesting Irish style makes it very interesting. I especially liked how it worked with Clock Town’s theme. It really matched up well.

If you are interested in helping to fund this CD, make sure to sign up here to get an email telling you when the Kickstarter begins!

Are you excited for this new album? Are you a fan of Eimear’s other work? Drop a comment!

Source: Press Email, YouTube

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