Zelda HD Demo

In this interview Eiji Aonuma talks about the tech demo of Zelda HD, used at E3 to show off the Wii U. Specifically he mentions how no decisions have been made about Zelda on Wii U, but how when the time comes they will make decisions to suit the platform.

Aonuma explains that the graphics of The Wind Waker were a result of fitting in with the aesthetics of the game, and the capabilities of the time and the Gamecube. So judging by what he says, a realistic Zelda game may be what is decided upon for the Wii U, so long as it fits in with the overall feel and aesthetics of the game. In other words, he’s saying a Zelda with real graphics could happen, but don’t expect it and don’t get your hopes up. It’s called playing it safe!

Source: IGN on YouTube

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