Link fighting a boss in the 2010 E3 Skyward Sword Demo

One of the reasons we’ve chosen the art style we have with Skyward Sword is that it is a better vehicle to showcase the exaggerated characteristics of some of the characters. Not only of the enemy characters, but as a representation of the sword spirit itself. Because of the way we have put the game together you have to focus on how the enemy is carrying their weapon, and there are a couple of different ways you can go about that. One, you can be super-realistic, and the other, not so realistic. We thought that because we want to highlight the swordfighting combat, we have to exaggerate the features. We thought that the art style we chose was best-suited to do that. You have to match the art style to how the game plays, and we thought this worked best. We matched the artwork so that we can highlight the over-exaggeration in the gameplay.

I personally like the art style regardless of the reasonings behind it, but it’s nice knowing the style is essential to gameplay. This bit of quotes comes from Official Nintendo Magazine, brought to us via Nintendo Everything. Will we find out any more details about the game the rest of the year? Who knows, but hopefully more details will come to the surface as we get closer to the release.

Saw this over on Destructoid, so I am just sneaking an update in right before I leave for work. Today is my big moving day, so I wont have any more updates for you guys until later this evening.

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