Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma recently talked with Edge Magazine to discuss Breath of the Wild. He talked about the struggles of created the day/night cycle, and how he didn’t want it to be too dark and scary. While most of the interview was about Breath of the Wild, he talked a bit about Skyward Sword as well. It turns out he was surprised by the Wii’s motion controls, as a lot of consumers were.

“When they told me about [Wii’s] motion controls, I was kind of surprised. But I’ve been with Nintendo a long time. At first they would say, ‘Hey, we made this new platform. Make a game.’ The next step was, ‘Is there anything you want to add to this new platform?’ Now I’m involved in creating hardware. They’ll ask me what would be a good feature to add. I’m not so taken aback by it anymore.” — Eiji Aonuma

The interview continues to explain Aonuma felt “fulfilled” by his work on motion controls in Skyward Sword, and would be happy to give it another go. “But I really like anything new,” continued Aonuma. Edge Magazine then goes on to say that statement is “hard to reconcile” with Breath of the Wild‘s traditional controls, and makes an observation—“Perhaps Nintendo does have something up its sleeve for NX [like a gimmick], but there’s little evidence of it to be found in this game.”

Do you agree with Edge‘s observation? What do you think of Aonuma’s involvement in new hardware creation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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