Skyward Sword Link Jumping

In another E3 2010 interview that was conducted by, we got to hear Eiji Aonuma talk more about the upcoming Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. In particular, Aonuma answered questions concerning the storyline of the upcoming game.

NZG: My first question is about the story in Skyward Sword. What details can you give about the story as it stands now?

Aonuma San (via Mr. O’Leary): Well, you saw the trailer this morning, and the presentation. The final scene is Link jumping off those cliffs and diving through the bank of clouds, and that’s a very key element behind the story in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This time around, Link is living on a series of floating islands above the clouds, and that land is called Skyloft. Link lives in this floating land, and it’s his natural world, so he doesn’t think there’s anything strange about living above the clouds. One day, an incident occurs, and he discovers that beneath the clouds is another world, and that world is ruled by an evil force. And the thing that leads link on in his adventure and guides him is the titular sword – the Skyward Sword. When the sword is leading Link and helping him do things, it actually transforms into a human figure. [In] the artwork revealed at E3 last year, that was the figure that was in that artwork. So basically the story evolves in his traveling from Skyloft to the land below, and back and forth, as he is lead by the Skyward Sword. As he travels, the story of how the land below came to be ruled by these evil forces is revealed.

There were a few interesting tidbits that we can pull from this quote. For one, it is worth noting that it seems that the travel between the Skyloft area above and Hyrule below will happen throughout the game with Link being required to go back and forth. For awhile I was under the impression that the first portion of the game would take place in Skyloft and then after a certain event where Link dives down below the clouds, Link would travel down to Hyrule where he would remain for a majority of the game. This doesn’t seem to be the case. We also got a clarification of the Skyward Swords itself and how it relates to the feminant looking figure from artwork of last years E3 conference.

The interview has several other tidbits about Zelda throughout and you can check it out over at Be sure to check out all our Skyward Sword content and bookmark our Skyward Sword Walkthrough, which we will be providing once the game hits in 2011. Until then though head on over to our Skyward Sword Forum to interact with our Zelda fans concerning the game.

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