Eiji AonumaEiji Aonuma sat down with the folks over at IGN and they covered quite a range of topics concerning the Legend of Zelda series. They started by talking about the development of Skyward Sword and how it overlapped with that of Spirit Tracks. They later went on to talk about Wii Motion Plus and then the graphical style, in which Aonuma compares the graphics with that of The Wind Waker. Other topics covered include orchestrated music, Ocarina of Time 3DS, how the art style was selected, Toon Link, and more. One interesting tidbit talked about the possibility of a new multi-player, Four Swords type game and this is what Eiji Aonuma had to say.

Absolutely. There’s always the possibility of that coming back and taking center stage. Multi-play, online play — I’m always think about how we could take that and re-envision it. It’s in my mind a lot. I’m looking forward to the day when we can do that and present it to everyone. I don’t have a plan or a definite timeline. But am I thinking about it? Absolutely.

Clearly it seems that this was talked about in the closed doors of Nintendo, but it doesn’t seem like they are moving forward with a multi-player Zelda title just yet. I think another Four Swords title is best fit for the Nintendo 3DS with local wireless where friends can play in the same room with one another, or via online multiplayer. It seems the previous two Four Swords were just not appreciated since it was too complicated to get multiple players to play, due to the obnoxious amount of wiring that was needed.

So what do you think? Would you like to see a new Four Swords Multiplayer? Do you think Ocarina of Time is in need of a remake? What do you think of the art style and gameplay of Skyward Sword? Head on over to our Zelda Forums to discuss all of these topics. If you aren’t a member, now is a great time to Register at the Forums and join in on the fun!

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