Eiji Aonuma

Eiji Aonuma recently spoke with Guardian.co.uk and actually apologized for something concerning the Water Temple of Ocarina of Time.

The Water Temple in the Ocarina of Time was notorious for being very tough to conquer. I am most sorry that it was not easy for you to put on and take off the heavy boots; that all the time you had to visit the inventory. I am very sorry about that. I should have made it much easier to switch to the heavy boots.

More importantly though, Aonuma talked a little bit about the next Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii.

With this attachment, your minute hand movements are more precisely reflected … You can feel it so naturally and so intuitively. It’s not just an improvement over the movement of Link himself: the realisation of your more minute movements on the screen will expand the entire gameplay. I believe that we will be able to offer some great innovations in the new Legend of Zelda. Of course I have to refrain from giving any details, but we are contemplating altering the way the game progresses in comparison with all the past Legend of Zelda franchises. But I have to stop talking here.

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