During last week’s Nintendo Direct, Eiji Aonuma, director of the Zelda franchise, sat down to give us 16 minutes of awesome Majora’s Mask 3D gameplay footage. Yesterday, he released another gameplay video to show off the Shooting Gallery mini-game in Clock Town. Not a lot in the mini-game has changed for the remake, but the video does show updated textures in the Shooting Gallery, use of the 3DS’ gyroscope aiming, and an amusingly frustrated Aonuma.

In the video, we see Aonuma’s numerous attempts to get a perfect score to earn himself a Piece of Heart in the mini-game. He makes heavy use of the 3DS’ gyroscope feature for aiming his bow, and I suspect his commentary makes a case for all players to use this feature. I won’t give away whether he is successful or not, but I will say that I very much enjoy watching Aonuma become increasingly frustrated.

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