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Eiji Aonuma "Omnipresent" During Twilight Princess HD Development, Never Visited Tantalus Headquarters - Zelda Dungeon

The Tantalus side for the development process of Twilight Princess HD is one we don’t know much about. Thanks to a recent interview though, we’re getting more than we could have asked for. Like how Nintendo was apparently very present in their own unique way for helping produce the title.

During an interview with Fragments of Silicon, Tantalus Media CEO Tom Crago talked with them in regards to his team’s work on Twilight Princess HD. When asked about how involved Nintendo was in their oversight of this Zelda remaster, Crago brings up how heavily involved series producer Eiji Aonuma was. He even confirms that Tantalus had daily back and forth conversations with the development team over in Japan as well.

Very, very involved. Aonuma-san himself, obviously, he signs off on everything – it’s his game. At all levels he was omnipresent. And then a team of people there in Kyoto dedicated to the game, so daily conversations, very regular calls, a bit of back and forth between us here in Melbourne and Nintendo in Kyoto, and regular builds and reporting, and all those things. So yeah, absolutely, they were extremely hands on.

According to Crago though, Tantalus never actually had any in-person visits from anybody over at Nintendo during the making of Twilight Princess HD. Despite them having to go over to the Big N’s headquarters multiple times (even more during development), Team Zelda never actually swung by. The Tantalus CEO says that Nintendo never really needed to, but still made the offer to them.

They didn’t need to actually. They were always welcome, but it tended to be that we would go and visit them there and obviously the modern age there are video calls and Skype calls and all the rest of it that we were able to do in a regular basis.

What do you think of this news? Do you think Nintendo should have visited Tantalus during Twilight Princess HD’s development? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Fragments of Silicon (via Nintendo Everything)

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