Ocarina of Time 3D is the first MUST-BUY title for any Nintendo 3DS owner. If you don’t have a 3DS, then Ocarina of Time 3D serves as the title that should make you run out and get the new handheld console. If you don’t quite have the money for the new console, now is the time to start begging your parents, writing a birthday wish list, or going door to door trying to cut your neighbors grass to save up any rupees money you can get ahold of. The bottomline is that the game is absolutely amazing and I’ve written an article below showcasing the eight reasons why you absolutely must buy Ocarina of Time 3D.

Before we get on with the list, I’d like to state that these are in order and it is in countdown fashion. Meaning, the lower the number, the more important the reason. Furthermore, there are even more goodies in Ocarina of Time 3D that are not on this list. These include such things as the brand new Visions mode as well as the Revamped Water Temple. Both of these additions to Ocarina of Time 3D are great additions, but not a reason alone to go out and get the game. However, the eight items listed below are reasons you should get the game.

#8) The 3D Effect

One of the selling points for the Nintendo 3DS is the glasses free 3D. Ocarina of Time 3D takes full advantage of the power of the Nintendo 3DS and the 3D textures look absolutely gorgeous. From my personal experience with Ocarina of Time 3D, I thought the game looked the best with the 3D effect fully on. However, I had to fully concentrate to zone in on that sweet spot and each time I got distracted, I had to recalibrate my eyes to the 3D. What I eventually ended up doing was turning the 3D effect on, but not all the way. The Nintendo 3DS slider allows for you to customize how much of the 3D effect you want turned on, and I felt having it half way was the perfect compromise.

#7) Ocarina of Time as a Handheld

Ever since Super Mario 64 was re-released on the Nintendo DS, fans have been wanting an Ocarina of Time handheld remake… and now they have it. Ocarina of Time is not only one of the best console games of all time, but now you can take it on the go! You are no longer fixated to your bedroom or living room when enjoying this Zelda experience. Instead, you can now take it on the airplane, when you are riding in the backseat of car, going to a friends house, on the toilet, or basically… anywhere you’d ever want to play.

#6) Brand New Easter Eggs Make For All New Surprises

Ocarina of Time 3D is a remake of the Nintendo 64 version, but there have been so many little Easter Eggs changed or added to the Nintendo 3DS version that were never in the original. Even well after you’ve completed the game, you’ll find yourself looking through every house within Kakariko Village, looking at every wall in the Castle Town market, and even in odd places in Lon Lon Ranch and the Gerudo Fortress. There are so many Easter Eggs that connect Ocarina of Time to other Zelda titles and other video games overall. These can be found in the form of posters in certain buildings, new things sitting on tables within certain houses, or background items found in various shops. The game is filled with Easter Eggs and it will be weeks and months before all of these are located, deciphered, argued about, theorized, and much more.

#5) The Boss Challenge Mode

One of the many brand new features in Ocarina of Time 3D is the inclusion of the Boss Challenge mode. After you have beaten each boss in the game, you can return to your tree house in Kokori Forest and talk to your bed. When you talk to the bed you’ll have the option to go to sleep and relive the various boss fights you’ve already had. You basically can replay the bosses as many times as you’d like. The game will keep track of how many times you’ve defeated each boss, along with your fastest completion time.

Additionally, when you are playing the Master Quest version, you can take on the same bosses with the extra difficulty attached. (See Below). Furthermore, after you’ve beaten the Master Quest, you’ll open up the Boss Gauntlet mode, which will allow you to take on each boss, one after another, without much time between battles to restore your health! Truly a gift for the hardcore Zelda fan out there and it will definitely add replay value to what is an already stellar game.

#4) Controls and Inventory Make This the BEST Version of Ocarina of Time

There are several new control and inventory changes in the 3DS remake. The first of which is the utilization of the Nintendo 3DS gyroscope. Now when you are aiming with the slingshot, bow and arrow, hook shot, or any projectile, you no longer have to use the analog stick to aim. Instead you can literally move the Nintendo 3DS up to aim higher, down to aim lower, or left or right to aim to the side. It takes a few tries to get used to it, but once you’ve played around with it enough, you’ll much prefer it over the classic aiming controls.

The inventory system now has been completely revamped. For one, your inventory is now accessible using the bottom touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS. It’s significantly easier to change weapons without delaying the game by having to go to the start menu. Furthermore you now have four item slots for items, but really this is five slots, since the Ocarina instrument has its own spot on the bottom screen. One of the best parts of the new inventory scheme is that the iron boots and hover boots are now treated as items, as opposed to equipment. What this means is that you can assign the iron boots to a touch screen button, or to X or Y, as opposed to the Nintendo 64 version where you had to access the start menu each time you wanted to switch your equipment. The overall changes make this game a significantly more fluid experience with zero downtime due to slow menus. Seriously, after playing the Nintendo 3DS version, it’s going to be really hard to go back to the Nintendo 64 version or any of its subsequent re-releases.

#3) Updated Graphics Are Absolutely Gorgeous

Earlier in this listing I mentioned the addition of the 3D effect. Now, regardless of whether you choose to enable the 3D, you’ll be forced to deal with the amazing graphical improvement that the 3DS version has. The game looks absolutely stunning. However, it wasn’t just the graphics that were updated, but the level of detail included throughout the entire game. Every single indoor portion of a house or shop now has tons of extra goodies found all over the place. Furthermore, when you decide to put the 3D effect on, the graphics get even better. When the 3D is on, another layer gets added to the visuals, which turns the already stunning textures into something even more marvelous. This is going to be yet another goody that will make it hard to go back to the original Nintendo 64 version of the game.

#2) Master Quest is Back and MUCH Better than Ever

The Master Quest was added to Ocarina of Time when it re-released for the Nintendo Gamecube and it was amazing. This basically was the second quest of the game which featured the same overworld and story, but the dungeons were completely revamped. Not only were the puzzles significantly harder, but the various enemy combinations made it much more challenging than the original quest.

The Master Quest version for the Nintendo 3DS is NOT just a direct port from the Nintendo GameCube. For one, the entire Master Quest is completely mirrored, so left is right, right is left. Once you step out of your tree house in Kokiri Forest to start the game you are going to feel incredibly disoriented as the world that you were familiar with has totally changed. When you finally reach the dungeons, you’ll find the same remixed versions from the Nintendo Gamecube, except they are flipped to add a degree of disorientation. Furthermore, one of the major changes is that all enemies and bosses now do DOUBLE the amount of damage to Link! This means that Iron Knuckle axe swing in the Spirit Temple will do EIGHT FULL HEARTS of damage! Heck when I was playing the Great Deku Tree’s Master Quest, I had 2 hearts of health and died instantly when I touched a Gold Skulltula. That’s right, gold skulltulas did one heart of damage normally, so two full hearts of damage in the Master Quest! This really is the ultimate challenge for any Zelda fan and a true gift for the hardcore Zelda player.

#1) Ocarina of Time is one of the Greatest Games Ever

If you are a Nintendo 3DS owner… there is absolutely no reason for you not to pick up Ocarina of Time 3D. When the original first released for the Nintendo 64 it got some of the highest critical reviews ever and even today, it remains as one of the highest reviewed games with aggregate review scores near 98%. Whenever you see a top game list of all time from any respectable website, it’s almost always a lock for Ocarina of Time to be somewhere near the top. It revolutionized the action adventure genre and it was one of the best games of all time.

As you glance through this list, look at screenshots, trailers, read reviews, and dig through every little piece of information you can find about the game, there is one thing that might be slipping through the cracks. The updated graphics, the 3d effect, the Master Quest, Visions Mode, the updated controls, and all the brand new Easter eggs are wonderful additions. However, when you look past all that, what you see is still Ocarina of Time. The game has been well preserved and this remake 100% completely does the original justice. This will give fans of all ages a chance to experience, or re-experience one of the greatest games of all time. The name Ocarina of Time could only be described with one word; Legendary, and that’s what this adventure is. Go pick up Ocarina of Time 3D. It will be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make for your Nintendo 3DS.

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