hqdefaultYouTube user ThatOneShowFUN recently uploaded a video containing footage of a Lake Floria glitch, one of the many found glitches of Skyward Sword. In this video, the player can enter Lake Floria early and activate a shortcut, making early access always available. Hit the jump to check out the glitch!

Early entry into Lake Floria itself doesn’t do much; players cannot access the Ancient Cistern dungeon until receiving the Water Dragon’s Scale. This glitch is amusing mainly due to the fact that players can take a look at upper edges of Faron Woods. If you notice at 6:05 of the video, there are “tree walls,” something that the developers added to make the background appear as if trees exist.

At around 8:00 you see the player jump down the edge that is normally not available, as Link reappears in Lake Floria after walking through the beginning of the “trench” area. This glitch allows the player to appear past the log shortcut early granting early access.

The player manages to make it on the edge at 5:57, so skip ahead if you want to see the action. This video is great for a tutorial as well if you’d like to try it on your own, so make sure to view the video’s entirety! (WARNING: Contains explicit language)

Be sure to check out his channel for more videos and Eggbuster uploads! What do you think of this glitch? Ever tried it before? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

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