Instead of going with the vanilla choice of 100 Greatest Games of Forever to celebrate their 200th issue, Edge Magazine decided to throw together a list of the 100 games they would want to play right now.

And the winner is… Ocarina of Time? Considering the selection criteria, it was fairly surprising to see it as the top choice. There’s no doubt at all that it’s truly one of the greatest games of all-time, and but has it aged so well that it can sit atop a list like this? Without heavy doses of nostalgia involved, can one really say that many of the game’s aspects measure up to those of later titles?

In any case, there were other Zelda that made the list:

1) Ocarina of Time

5) A Link to the Past

23) Wind Waker

77) Majora’s Mask

96) Twilight Princess

While Wind Waker brought a lot of controversy with its new graphic style, it still manages to score a high rank, while Twilight Princess—considered an abomination by many hardcore fans—just barely sneaks in the top 100. And it’s great to see Majora’s Mask get some love, which tends to go largely unrecognized in lists like this.

The 100 Best Games To Play Today

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