Seems like Japan’s getting a new big Wii RPG every few months or so while we Western fans are constantly getting left behind. Earth Seeker is a game by a couple major ex-Capcom developers, and comes from the relatively new studio Crafts & Meister. It looks really slick for a Wii game and really shows off how a cel-shaded presentation can be totally stunning. The game concepts don’t seem positively groundbreaking, but I’m still really liking those small creatures that join the main character. The commercials are pretty funny, too, in that good ol’ Japanese humor sort of way.

Of course, we have no idea whether this will leave Japan, but it’s one of the biggest (and only) Wii releases this April, so we’ll be keeping our eye on it, just in case.

Source: Youtube Sinobintage, via GoNintendo

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