EA CEO Talks About Wii UAs many of you know, John Riccitiello, the CEO of EA, made an appearance during Nintendo’s E3 presentation about the Wii U. The tablet controller is a challenge for many game designers, and a strong supporter like EA is a good sign. A really good sign. As a future game designer (for I have already designed a game for my portfolio), I really want to see how they will use the tablet.

EA is a huge third party supporter, and I’m sure they will jump at any possible use for this new tablet controller.

“It’s a high definition platform and I love the controller. I just think it’s cool. You’re a gamer – so you’ve got the screen here [in your hands] and you’ve got the [TV] screen there and you’ve got full control. Personally, while there’s some great experiences on Move, and there’s some great experiences on Kinect, I’m not a motion control guy. It’s still too imprecise for me. I like shooting something and hitting it. I like turning a corner and feeling precision. So I still like my swizzle sticks and my shoulder buttons and my Xs and Os, etc. But there is something about having that second screen that transcends anything I’ve ever done before,” he enthused.

Riccitiello continued, “I can draw a pass pattern for Madden, I can be playing an FPS up here while I’m calling in air strikes or whatever I want to do. I can give all the detailed control off the screen, I can see another part of a map… I always find it breaks the spell for me when I’m playing a game with a squad and I have to stop the action and move up for them. Now I can just move them down here [on the tablet]. I think there’s something really powerful about a second screen that I think really matters. I think we’re just beginning to realize what we can do with it and I think it’s obvious we can do a lot with it.”

I think it’s cool too. I see so many skeptics that shut down a system without ever trying it out. The console is still a year away, which gives me plenty of time to save up and find out what games will be coming out. Unlike Riccitiello, I have fun with motion controls. I don’t always like to have them, but I enjoy them all the same. It’s what I like about this system. You can still have motion control, but it isn’t being forced in ways that seem like they just threw in last minute.

I won’t be using it to draw pass patterns for Madden, but I hope EA will be able to make games like they’re known for. What about you?

Source: IndustryGamers

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