E3 Bonus Round Video

e3 Bonus Round

More videos from E3! The show may be over, but there is plenty to look into. This time we are watching Bonus Round, where a few well known faces grade the presentations and voice their opinions on Nintendo’s performance. Geoff Keighley interviews with Jeff Gerstmann, Andy McNamara, and N’Gai, and each gives Nintendo a grade. I don’t want to spoil it, so you will have to watch to see how these guys think Nintendo did. I give them an A, personally, but with Skyward Sword, a new console, and a new list of games for the 3DS, I was very pleased.

Nintendo is the third part, but the best is always saved for last!

What would you grade Nintendo? Who do you agree with? What parts of the show did you think made them POP out? Please tell us!

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