Nintendo's Best E3 2011 Moment

I honestly cannot stop watching this part of Nintendo’s E3 conference over and over. It has easily earned a spot in my top ten E3 moments. Regardless of how many times we’ve all seen this, or haven’t seen it – it is pretty hard to get sick of, so I just had to share it one more time.

Here at ZI, we’re crowning this as the standout moment of E3 2011. Are you wondering what it is? Well, in my opinion it is the best start to an E3 conference ever. Then, as a diehard Zelda fan, it is all the more awesome. Still wondering what it is? Well…

The live Zelda orchestrated medley! How is this not awesome? You’ve got a live Zelda orchestra and choir doing a near five-minute medley while heaps of Zelda footage shows on the screen it. It begins with the overworld theme, moves on to Ganondorf’s theme, then Zelda’s theme, to Twilight Princess’s Hyrule Field theme and concludes with the Skyward Sword theme. Add heaps of little fillers as well.

Meanwhile we have an epic video montage going on. With footage from the original, the Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time 3D, and a conclusion with the new Skyward Sword trailer. Sure, it may have every major console title except Majora’s Mask – but that’s hardly a major problem. Finish it off with a massive screen for the 25th Anniversary and a huge cheer from the crowd.

I have to say, this would have been awesome to experience live like Alex did. We can only imagine the atmosphere for ourselves, but wow – this will go down as a truly amazing moment in Nintendo’s E3 history. Enjoy the video below.

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