E3 is well and truly over, and just like every other year, people want to know which of the big three won E3. Was it Microsoft with their reveal of Halo 4? Was it Sony with their apology for the PSN hacks and the reveal of the PlayStation Vita? Or was it Nintendo with their barrage of software and the Wii U? Read on for my opinion, and of course – to make things free from bias, I’ve also got a whole stack of opinions from expert industry analysts.

First off, Microsoft’s showing at E3 didn’t seem overly special to me. Sure, if you’re a big XBox gamer than the Modern Warfare 3 exclusive, Halo 4, Tomb Raider release date, Tom Clancy, Crytek, Kinect Sports and Dance Central might get you excited. But apart from them and a mention of plans to bring television to XBox live, Microsoft didn’t have anything to make them stand out. I award thee, third place.

Now for Sony – I was impressed. When I saw their conference I was truly wondering whether Nintendo would be able to top their announcements, at least in the opinions of the wider gaming industry. There was the reveal of the PlayStation Vita, at the promised price of $249.99 for the standard model, or $299.99 for 3G and Wi-Fi, along with an autumn release window.

There was some more games, some 3D gaming stuff to keep up with Nintendo from 2010 and talk about Move’s sales. There was also the official apology from Sony Boss Jack Tretton in regards to the PSN hack and identity theft. I have to say that I was impressed, and had to respect Sony for that. All in all, Sony delivered a great conference.

We, of course, already know how Nintendo went. We know they announced the Wii U and lots of other new software was either revealed or further shown. It’s no secret that in my mind Nintendo won E3. That was obvious from the start, because as a Nintendo gamer I really don’t care too much for their competitors. However, when I look at it with the eyes of the wider industry – I think it’s a tough call. It is either Nintendo or Sony. Microsoft didn’t come close though, because software is nothing compared to hardware – at least when it comes to winning E3.

Who Won E3 2011

Let’s take a look at some expert opinions.

Nintendo won, hands down! They had great content and a well-executed presentation. No celebrities, no famous rock bands, just straight gaming.

Jesse Divnich

Nintendo won with a very cool console innovation and great 3DS software

. People are still skeptical about core Kinect, and with good reason. I had them in third place from a hardcore perspective, first from a business perspective. Which leaves Sony in the middle. PSN apology was great, Vita price also great. But otherwise nothing to get excited about. – Michael Pachter

Nintendo showed its strong ability to innovate and to take home entertainment into new directions

; Sony showed its openness to adopting new business models and online games services and delivered on PS Vita pricing; Microsoft delivered a leading mass market content and non-games media message which positions it strongly for this stage of the Xbox 360 cycle.”Harding-Rolls

“I wouldn’t say any of the platform holders won.

Nintendo got their new console out there and people are interested. But the response was somewhat muted (and their stock price certainly didn’t react enthusiastically)

. Sony addressed the network outage elephant in the room forthrightly and didn’t botch the pricing on the PSVita, but I’m not sure they realise that the dedicated handheld platform market is essentially dying due to smartphones. Microsoft seems content to rest on their laurels for now, which is probably fine, but didn’t generate a lot of incremental excitement.” – Doug Creutz

It seems that many analysts are sitting on the fence, or tending to lean towards Nintendo. Many are saying that none of the big three can really take this years crown. I ultimately think it comes down to Wii U versus the Vita – and that’s a battle that a handheld can’t win. Especially against the innovation of the Wii U’s controller.

Nintendo took home the E3 crown again this year in both Zelda Informer’s fanboy opinion, and in our unbiased wider perspective mindframe. They didn’t steal the show entirely like in 2010, because Sony gave them some competition this time around, but in the end it was all ‘round Nintendomination. Our beloved Nintendo takes home the E3 2011 crown the second year running – if not more.

What about you? What did you think of E3 this year, and which company won it for you?

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