“I have kind of heard some things through the grapevine there is going to be some big third-party announcements for Nintendo’s new console at the show, there’s no doubt about that.”Shane Satterfield, GameTrailers Editor in Chief

This quote comes from the latest Invisible Walls podcast, where Shane spoke plainly for a brief moment on how he has heard some rather enticing information about major 3rd party games coming to Project Cafe. While he didn’t get a chance to elaborate (and likely isn’t allowed to elaborate), it’s good to get some “small” confirmation that third parties are at least initially taking Project Cafe seriously, and that it will likely get solid support out the gate. Suddenly rumors like GTA 5 sound completely plausible all over again.

The biggest concern for the future of Nintendo, and a platform that will be priced at or slightly higher than the competition, is that for it to succeed it needs 3rd parties. Nintendo has recognized this. It also needs online, and reportedly Nintendo has recognized that as well. Still, the biggest factor will be 3rd party support. Is Project Cafe just going to get a ton of ports? Are we going to see major “console first” games? IE, Resident Evil 6 releases first on Cafe, then 6 months later on everything else?

This ultimately raises a ton of questions, but all I know is I hope they do well out the gate, that way Nintendo will see continued support down the road. I would love to play a future Oblivion, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or evenPortal 3 on the console. Oh, here’s the podcast:

P.S. The picture in this post is just another mock up.

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