Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

E3 Live Coverage

EDIT: Thanks to everybody that joined us live for the video stream leading up to the Nintendo Press Conference, during the Press Conference, and after the Press Conference.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks will be playable at E3 so look for new screen shots, gameplay videos, artwork, and much more over the next few days.

10:14am – Great Show. No Zelda Wii news, but still had a lot of offer. Much better than last year.

10:11am – New Metroid title is shown. Looks great. Metroid Other M, scheduled for a 2010 release.

10:08am – Dead Space is shown for the Nintendo Wii. Looks good. Playable this week.

10:07am – Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the Wii. Covers Resident Evil 2 and Residen Evil Code Veronica scenarios. I’d still like to see them bring a main series game like Resident Evil 5 to Nintendo.

10:06am – 3rd party Wii Titles. The Conduit by Sega. It has been much hyped and releases in a few weeks. Not my type of game, but looks good for that genre.

10:04am – Super Mario Galaxy 2. No release date. I don’t know if it will be this year since I think they would have said so otherwise.

10:02am – More Mario? Another 3d Mario title? Another Mario title for the Nintendo Wii. Super Mario Bros Galaxy 2? This looks awesome.

9:59am – Wii Vitality Sensor? It takes your pulse and judges how focus or nervous you are?

9:57am – Lots about casual gamers. Creating games that satisfy both casual and hardcore gamers. He mentions Wii Sports Resort, New Super Mario Bros for the Wii again.

9:53am – Iwata is talking on stage. Again about the different types of gamers.

9:51am – Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks! Playable on the show floor. Sweet new artwork shown.

9:50am – Facebook support. You can upload pictures straight to Facebook, taken from your Nintendo DS.

9:49am – Wario Ware where you can design your own games. The woman talking about it is enthusiastic, but it looks rather simplistic. You can share it with your friends though. Interesting.

9:47am – Mario vs Donkey Kong. You can create your own levels and upload/share with your friends. Available for download next week.

9:45am – DSi business. How about some Spirit Tracks news?

9:42am – Style Savvy. Game targeting women in their 20’s and pre-teen girls. I’m not so psyched about this one.

9:41am – COP The Recruit from Ubisoft. Looks like Grand Theft Auto for the DS.

9:39am – New game ‘Women’s Murder Club’ for the DS that brings Casual gamers and book readers together? Wow. Yet… seems intriguing.

9:38am – Golden Sun DS announced for the Nintendo DS.

9:37am – Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story will release this fall.

9:36am – Mario and Luigi RPG: Bowsers Inside Story for the DS is showcased.

9:35am – Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers for the Wii. Open world RPG that is specifically made for the Nintendo Wii. Kingdom Hearts for the Nintendo DS will release in September.

9:32am – Wii Sports Resort will be released July 26th. EA Tiger Woods Golf, EA’s Tennis Game, and Virtua Tennis will all have Wii Motion Plus control. Now Reggie is talking about sales figures a bit.

9:30am – Also showing a 3 point basketball contest on Wii Sports Resort. This looks okay. I’d like to get my hands on it and try it myself. Seems kind of fun.

9:27am – Wii Sports Resort is on full display. Sky Diving looks… awkward. Good introduction game I think. Archery looks really good. The Wii Motion Plus seems to be working great. This looks really good actually.

9:25am – Looks like Wii Sports Resort will includes some great games that were in Wii Sports such as Tennis and Golf. It looks really good and the Wii Motion Plus looks really accurate. They are testing it on stage now.

9:20am – Wii Motion Plus. Reggie takes the stage and he’s really enthusiastic about it.

9:15am – Wii Fit Plus. Great… Not for me, but I’m sure lots of people do like it.

9:12am – New Super Mario Bros for the Wii looks awesome. 4 players simultaneously. Somewhat of a party game. New items, new enemies. 2d greatness. IT looks awesome. It will playable at E3 and available this winter.

9:09am – Clips of Mario. New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Wii!?

9:06am – We are underway at the conference. Basic introduction, stuff on the industry, consumer, business. Casual gamers playing games.

8:59am – We are about underway at E3. If you’d like to chat and interact live, head on over to the forums.

We are broadcasting live right here at Zelda Dungeon for the lead up to Nintendo’s Press Conference at E3. I will continue to broadcast live throughout the event, while making updates in real time right here Zelda Dungeon. If you’d like to interact with other users and myself, head on over to the Zelda Dungeon Forums where you can chat in the shoutbox live while the broadcast is going on.

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