E3 has arrived

Yes, that’s right, E3 is here. The Video Game industry’s largest and most anticipated event of the year. E3 kicked off early this morning with the Microsoft press conference and they had a ton of new games and announcements that were revealed. Nothing that I’ll dwell too deep into but there was information on Resident Evil 5, Gears of War 2, Halo Wars, Banjo Kazooie, and the big shocker… Final Fantasy 13, which is coming to the Xbox360.

Honestly though, I’m sure most fans and viewers of Zelda Dungeon are more interested in what Nintendo has in store and specifically, Zelda. Nintendo’s big press conference kicks off tomorrow morning at 9am Pacific time. You can watch the press conference live at IGN and afterwards get videos and trailers at sites like game trailers.

It has been highly rumored by Zelda websites and by fans that a new Zelda title will be revealed tomorrow morning at E3. Spotty news has been revealed over the last year or so in regards to what is going on in the Legend of Zelda series, with occasional rumors popping out. So at this point it would really be a big shocker if Zelda did not make an appearance tomorrow.

Only time will tell but the clock is truly ticking and we should (most likely) have fresh new Zelda news in less than 24 hours. Be sure to check back here at Zelda Dungeon tomorrow for the latest news on the Zelda series.

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