Dude Looks Like A Lady

Sheik Sheik has always been a character of partial mystery. Yes, we all are aware that it is indeed Princess Zelda, but why she kicks so much butt, and how this whole Sheik thing came about, is still a mystery. We may never know the whole story, but one thing is for certain: Zelda can kick some serious ass.

Brendan Main from The Escapist Magazine takes a deep look at Sheik as a person, and how the whole gender issue came to be. Going as far as to call Sheik a tranny, and to be as in depth as to say that she is free to just simply be a person, it is safe to say that he really did his homework. I agree with much what he has to say, and this is a must read for all you Sheik fans out there.

Sheik has always been one of my favorite characters from Ocarina of Time. This article really did make me have a completely different perspective on Zelda’s alter ego. I’m serious, if you still haven’t read this piece go read it now. We are not the only ones out there that can deliver quality fan service (though we like to think that we are).

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