Link as a Rebellious Teen

You may remember the Dorkly Bits Videos we posted in the past (namely Sheik, Mario and Donkey Kong). Well there’s a new video for you this time about when Mario goes down the wrong pipe. On top of that have you ever wondered how Link chooses his pants in the morning? Or what Link did as a rebellious teenager? Read on for all of this and some Mario features at a supermarket, courtesy of Dorkly.

Mario Goes Down the Wrong Pipe

Source: Dorkly Bits: Mario Goes Down The Wrong Pipe

Link as a Rebellious Teen

Link as a Rebellious Teen

Source: 5 Videogame Characters as Rebellious Teenagers

Link Choosing His Pants for a Date

Link Finds His Pants

Source: Virtual Shackles: Dah Na Na Nah!

Mario at The Supermarket

Check out these six Mario and friend supermarket displays by clicking the thumbnails in the gallery below.

Source: The Weekly IRL: 6 Supermarket Displays Featuring Mario Characters

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