Dorkly recently put together a list of ‘The 27 Most Badass Pieces of Zelda Fanart Ever Produced’, which, as the title suggests, shows us some of the greatest art pieces for the Zelda series that we’ve ever seen.

It’s actually incredibly awesome; a lot of these are really beautiful, and you can tell tons of work went into each and every one.

One of the images is much too large to insert here, and a small gallery really wouldn’t do it justice anyways; click here to check out AG+‘s amazing mural of the entire Zelda series. It’s completely massive, and it’s a wonder that anybody was able to make this.

Be sure to check out the original over at Dorkly!

Which do you like the most? My personal favorite is Swamp Temple by Perteseus, which I’ve used as the header for this article; it’s just mindblowing.

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