It feels great knowing a new Donkey Kong Country game is approaching on the horizon. Every time I see footage of it in action I have flash backs to the good ol’ days. The game is really shaping up to becoming a must buy for me on day one. Along with this trailer, however, comes a slew of new details coming out of IGN. Hop inside to see whats happening with DKCR.

  • climb grassy textured surfaces by holding B
  • climb across rock surfaces that have the green grass on them
  • co-op is jump-in/out, but only when on the world map
  • Sunset Shores is the silhouette level we saw in the trailer
  • hidden treats you can uncover by paying attention to the background
  • off into the distance are staggered rock formations moving in perspective
  • those rock formations converge to form a giant banana
  • stop and take notice of this to earn banana coins
  • banana coins are spent outside the level on extras
  • you also gain coins in the same level for stopping to look at that shows off the gorgeous sunset with a foreground cavern
  • Stormy Shore: leap across platforms floating in the ocean while waves go up and down
  • Crazy Cart level has changed since 3D build
  • now you jump with the cart, instead of jumping out of it
  • cart will leap off its rails and skid along dirt paths before it finds its way back onto the track
  • dynamic camera where the camera will roll in close at certain points
  • Button Bash is a level filled with a huge network of barrels to blast out of, complete with buttons you have to shoot to change the level
  • the end of the level has you blasting into the mouth of a gigantic monkey totem off in the distance, but only if you can time it when his mouth is open
  • Damp Dungeon – navigate platforms rotating on giant water-powered mills, and raise platforms using Donkey Kong’s “blowing” mechanic to power the windmill
  • Temple Topple – Rambi returns, and he’s fairly indestructable
  • Rambi can take down walls and run through spikes
  • Rambi can be hurt by fire
  • jump through fire hoops with Rambi, and also collect bonus bananas, coins, KONG letters, puzzle pieces and 1-up red balloons at the same time
  • overworld is a 3D island that players explore
  • each segment on the island is a world with its own collection of levels
  • locked paths are represented by chain and padlocks over the road

Source: GoNintendo

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