As the video above indicates, this is the final boss music from Donkey Kong Country Returns, joining Gang-Plank Galleon, Crocodile Cacophony and Big Boss Blues as the flagship final fight track. As much as I’d spend every waking moment with Donkey Kong Country Returns as it is made of honey and orgasms, I do have a beef with the sountrack. And the people who frequent this site will probably know that I am very touchy when it comes to the music in games.

Music can make or break the atmosphere in a game. In this game, the atmosphere is superb. Does that mean that the soundtrack is equally superb? Yes, yes it does. So now you might scratch your head and think “So… what seems to be the problem?”

The problem is a simple one – lack of original tracks. Some of the most famous themes got a face lift, including Aquatic Ambiance, but overall the selection of new tracks isn’t really THAT noteworthy, albeit they aren’t bad by any stretch either. That being said, the above embedded final boss music is an exception to this, being a very catchy and interesting arrangement worthy of the Donkey Kong soundtrack legacy. A couple more sequels and Retro will get a hang of it.

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